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7 Ideas For Your Baby Nursery

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Having a baby is an exciting time for any couple. Before the little one arrives, there’s so much prep work to do, including the baby’s nursery. When it comes to getting your baby’s room ready, there are many ideas to consider. Fortunately, local house painters in Woodstock, GA can help. The worldwide painting and coating industry market value will surpass 235 billion USD by 2029, according to Statista, thanks to all the benefits fresh paint can bring. Here are some ideas to consider as you prepare for your bundle of joy to enter the world. Use these tips to be more prepared for the day your baby comes!

1. Create a Theme

With the help of your local painting professionals, you can create a perfect theme for your little baby. The theme can be fun and cohesive and based on a number of things such as animals, plants, or sea life. If you had a favorite children’s book growing up, such as Charlotte’s Web or Peter Rabbit, you could create a nursery around those books and others. The first step in the theme is painting the walls, and once painters have gotten the walls prepped and painted appropriately, you could add matching furniture and accessories like rugs, toys, and more. Winnie the Pooh or Sesame Street are also great themes that can be incorporated into your painting project.

2. Focus on a Color

If focusing on a more complex theme like a zoo or children’s book is too much for you, you can make it easier on yourself and focus on a particular color. If you like, you could focus on your favorite color and create your baby’s nursery around it. If you don’t want to focus on gender-based colors, you could still create a fun, beautiful nursery around comforting purples or bold yellows.

Since children tend to love bright and bold colors, you may want to have a nursery decorated in all the rainbow colors to engage your little one from day one. Don’t worry if choosing a color theme is too much for you. House painters in Woodstock, GA can still make the nursery look beautiful by using neutral-colored walls such as white, off-white, beige, or even gray, and then you could work from there in terms of furniture and accessories. If you opt for neutral colors, be sure to incorporate other bright colors to help stimulate your newborn and give them unique things to observe.

3. Create an Accent Wall

You may decide to let your house painters in Woodstock, GA, paint the nursery in a more neutral color overall. You can add some flair and take a risk with an accent wall. An accent wall allows you to add a unique touch to the nursery without overpowering it. This accent wall can be one solid color. It can also host a mural based on a theme, such as a children’s book or animal, or it can have some fun patterns that painters can create. You can use the accent wall as a focal point to add children-related pictures and decals. Animals, cartoon characters, and flowers are great ideas for decals or wall stickers.

4. Create Texture

The nursery isn’t just a place for the baby to sleep. It’s the space where the baby will be growing over a number of months or the first couple of years until it transitions into its first regular bedroom. However, you will also be spending time in there as you tend to the child, so you want it to be as comfortable and engaging for both you and the baby as possible. Creating texture can be both visually appealing and soothing to the touch. Use wicker baskets, quilted blankets, pillows, curtains of various textures, colorful rugs, furniture from various materials such as wood or metal, and more.

5. Hang Art

Art can bring life to any room in your home, especially a nursery. It’s another way to make the room more colorful and lively and include your personality. The artwork can be related to whatever theme you’re trying to incorporate. If you have a theme focused on a zoo, you may want to include photos of various animals that you can later teach your child about as they become verbal. Alternatively, you can make the artwork even more personal by including photos of your baby or your family together. You could even create a gallery wall on one of the freshly painted walls. If you opted for a textured or accent wall, this may be a great space to create a fun and unique gallery for your baby to admire.

6. Buy Plants

There are many reasons to include plants around the home. Plants are known to improve air quality since they produce oxygen. It’s also a great way to just bring life and freshness into your baby’s space. If you’re concerned about using real plants due to allergies, you could always use artificial ones to provide color and aesthetics. The plants can also be a part of the nursery theme. Try to focus on plants that will be safe for your growing baby, as there are some plants that have a poisonous sap that could hurt a child or animal who may accidentally chew on it. If you choose to paint the room green for your baby, having plants in the space can make it even more interactive for them!

7. Add a Reading Space

It’s never too early to begin reading to your baby. Getting your child engaged with books early on is a great way to encourage your child’s love of reading they will carry into adulthood. Make things comfortable for yourself or anyone else who may spend some time in a nursery reading to the child by having a comfortable chair, a suitable bookcase, a reading lamp, and some cushions and pillows. Consider using the accent wall corner as their reading space. This can help differentiate it from the rest of the room. As your child grows, they’ll associate that accent wall with their reading corner, and it may further facilitate their love of reading.

There are many things to take care of before and after a child is born. Get started with the nursery as early as possible so that it can live up to the standards you want. One of the best ways to do so is by hiring professionals who can provide a successful paint job. This can help create the overall theme and repair damage that may exist on the walls.

If you hire our team of experts, you’ll have house painters in Woodstock, GA that are experienced in residential and commercial painting, interior and exterior painting, and cabinet painting. When you hire us to paint and do work on your baby’s nursery, rest assured that you’ll love the result. When you work with Peach Paint Co., your child will have a beautiful space to develop in. Call us today for a consultation about our services or to learn more about how we can help you bring your vision to life. We can’t wait to hear from you and learn more about what you’re envisioning for your baby’s nursery. Reach out now!