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8 Ways Painting Contractors Personalize Your Living Spaces With Paint

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A quality interior or exterior paint job can enhance and protect your home. However, painting serves more than just a practical purpose — it can also showcase your personality and be a way to customize your space. In 2023, the market size of the house painting and decorating contractors industry is $17.9 billion, according to IBISWorld. Homeowners across the nation recognize the immense value a fresh coat of paint can bring to a home. Let’s look at a few ways your local house painting contractors can personalize your space.

1. Use Your Favorite Color

There are so many colors available on the color wheel. Of course, white is still the most common color used in home exteriors. It’s also a color that’s still frequently used on interiors. However, as home trends change, more homeowners are beginning to open up their horizons. So if white isn’t your favorite color, and you prefer something more bright, bold, or avant-garde, painting contractors can make it work for you.

Imagine coming home to a cheerful yellow hue, a relaxing lavender, or an energetic orange or red. If these are the colors that speak to you, showcase your personality, or carry a special meaning to you, your painters can use their expertise to make them comfortably fit in your home. To further enhance your choice of color, consider asking your painters to work with different shades of the same hue to create contrast and depth.

One particular painting trend of note is the use of monochrome design. For example, painters can paint one wall a darker hue and the other wall a lighter hue, while using a different shade for trimming. They can further enhance this monochrome look by adding patterns and working with stencils to create a unique design. This technique works with any color, including white.

2. Incorporate Cabinet Designs

Cabinets are not only functional, but they can also add style and character to your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Instead of removing your existing cabinets and replacing them with new ones, you can personalize them and extend their life with cabinet painting services.

Your cabinet painters can use transparent or semi-transparent staining colors or go fully opaque with the color of your choosing. You can use a safe color like white as a backdrop to more colorful designs like flowers or indiscriminate shapes. Or you can have the entire cabinets painted in a bold color to contrast them against lighter walls.

3. Add Accent Walls

If you’re unsure about using your favorite color throughout your home, compromise by using it as an accent wall. These walls are a good way to create a focal point in your space as they are often a distinctly different color from the rest of the room. They can help draw attention to a focal point, such as a fireplace, a window, or a piece of art.

Accent walls come in handy in large rooms where you want to create a cozy nook or designated space. For example, maybe you work from home. If your designated workspace is part of a larger room used by the rest of the family, such as the living room or part of your basement, an accent wall can be used to “separate” your work zone. Keep in mind that your accent wall doesn’t have to be one solid color. Painters can find ways to use several colors on that one surface. They could also play around with different textures and finishes.

4. Paint the Door

Just because you have a beautiful and solid custom door, it doesn’t mean you have to leave it in the initial state it was built. You can further personalize your door with some paint. When you hire interior or exterior contractors for your home, they can make your door stand out inside and out. For example, if you live on a block with homes that look the same, you can stand out from such uniformity by having a bright-colored door. Having a bold-colored door can make your home easier to find when people visit for the first time or when you’re expecting a delivery.

5. Incorporate Patterns

You don’t need wallpaper to enjoy simple designs like stripes or polka dots on your walls. Strategically placed patterns can bring a sense of fun and energy to any home. Professional painters know how to incorporate these design patterns in ways that can add to the room and not be overpowering. For example, they may suggest using this pattern just for an accent wall, as opposed to the entire room. Or they may paint these patterns on alternate walls depending on the room’s purpose.

When professionals add stripes or polka dots, they can use your favorite colors as an extra way to personalize the space more. In addition, these patterns can add an extra effect by creating a different sense of space. For example, vertical stripes can make a room appear taller than it is. On the flip side, horizontal stripes are effective at creating the illusion of a wider appearance. Painters can also use several colors on a wall to create stripes or polka dots, or they can keep things simple with two colors.

6. Experiment with Textures

Textures affect the way paint feels and looks on a wall. They can add dimension and interest to your space while hiding imperfections or flaws on the surface. Painters have unique tools and techniques to create such textures in your space. They know how to incorporate sponges, knives, rollers, and brushes for different textural effects. They may also be able to incorporate additives like sand, beads, or stone to give that texture even more sparkle. The type of texture they use can affect the luminosity of the space, which is something to consider based on how much sun or moonlight reaches the room.

7. Try Color Blocking

Color blocking is a technique that involves using two or more contrasting colors on adjacent walls or sections of a wall. Such a technique to personalize your living space can make your walls look more striking and modern. It’s also a good way to define different zones or functions. If you think it might be too busy of a look, remember that house painting contractors can give you a range of colors to pick from, and they will work their magic to use the right color blocks.

8. Color the Stairs

If you live in a multiple-story home, you might want to use your stairway to add color to your space. Professional painters can either stain or fully paint your stairs in the color of your choosing. You may want to keep the wood grain visible by using natural wood staining or use a more opaque stain or paint. If your home is mostly white, a darker stairway can immediately create a focal point.

As you can see, when you decide to have your home painted, you don’t have to be bored with the same colors over and over again. With painters working inside, outside, or both, there are many ways to personalize your space so that when people see your home, they know that it belongs to you! At Peach Paint Co., we are a team of experienced house painting contractors who can handle your exterior painting, interior painting, and cabinet painting needs. We look forward to helping create a personalized space that will make you feel comfortable. To get started on a home upgrade that can last for years, contact us today.