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Cabinet Refinishing Client Checklist 

In order to execute your project as efficiently as possible and to minimize disruption to your household, please read through the list below and have these items completed prior to our crews arrival. 

5 small things we ask of you. 

  1. If cabinet drawers, doors or boxes have heavy grease or food residue, please pre-clean these surfaces. We will conduct a final prep cleaning prior to painting. 
  1. In order to mask off the inside of your cabinet boxes for spraying, we will need all items removed from the cabinets and drawers. 
  1. Remove all items from countertops 
  2. If we are installing new hardware, please ensure these items are onsite the day our crew arrives 
  1. We will need full access to your kitchen for up to 5 days. Please do not plan on cooking during the project. 

Our commitment to you: We will treat your home with respect at all times. We will work as efficiently as possible to minimize disruption to your household.