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Running a business is hard enough. Between designing company cards, creating an online presence, and producing merchandise, the last thing you’re thinking about is your walls at work — but these walls say a lot to clients. 

Instead of making time to get a scaffold and contemplate premium paints, call our experienced commercial painting team. Our premier commercial painting company has 15 years of experience painting professional properties in Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek, and the surrounding areas, including a variance of building sizes and surface material. 

We bring high-quality equipment to cover every square inch of each job, whether you need one wall freshened up, an entire room, or your whole building. 

For quality interior and exterior commercial painting, count on Peach Paint Co. 

Commercial Painting Woodstock GA

Interior Commercial Painting

New interior paint does more than make your walls look newer; it corrects faded and chipped surfaces, improving employee productivity and making business offices more inviting to clients. 

Our experienced commercial painters create the optimal work environment by sanding or scraping off old, worn paint from your interior walls. We then fill cracks and dents that otherwise leave the surfaces bumpy and jagged. After drying, we work around your schedule to lay down two coats of high-standard paints over a layer of quality primer. 

The resistant coats of premium paints guarantee years of vibrant colors despite daily wall touching from those passing through your hallways daily, coffee spills that you can easily wipe off sheer paint, and other wear. 

Exterior Commercial Painting

An exterior paint job from a professional painting company can be more dangerous than interior commercial painting. 

To cover the complete square footage of multiple stories, you need sturdy scaffolds, long-reaching hoses, and other professional materials. The appropriate licenses, insurance coverages,  and years of know-how for safety and a job well done are also vital. 

Our commercial painters power wash all the stuck-on grime and growth from your exterior walls and remove old paint if it’s in bad condition. Otherwise, we use an oil-based primer underneath two layers of premium paint for bright, durable colors and wall protection. 

Commercial Painting In Woodstock, GA
Commercial Painting Woodstock GA

Don’t Gloss Over Your Walls — Schedule Our Services Instead ​

Interior and exterior commercial painting projects require appropriate color schemes suggested by qualified color consultants and specialized painters. The professionals at Paint Peach Co. have over 15 years of experience providing effortless paint designs and finishes. 

Our team promises open communication and listens to our clients with the utmost respect, which enables us to bring dream layouts into reality with complete customer satisfaction. 

Although we promise high-quality craftsmanship, we refuse to accept a deposit or any payments unless you approve of the work provided. 

If you want Paint Peach Co.’s top commercial painters to provide above-average results at competitive prices, contact us today. 

Call 678-504-6644 for a free estimate on your next interior or exterior commercial paint job!

Call Peach Paint Co. for Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting

Are you ready to learn more about how Peach Paint Co. can help you achieve your interior color goals? 

Breathe new life into your favorite spaces with the help of skilled interior painters. Click the link below to schedule a consultation with Peach Paint Co.

Commercial Painting Woodstock GA