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Exterior Painting Client Checklist 

In order to execute your project as efficiently as possible and to minimize disruption to your household, please read through the list below and have these items completed prior to our crews arrival. 

10 small things we ask of you. 

  1. Submit HOA paperwork as soon as colors are confirmed. Copy or forward all approvals or questions to 
  1. Trim trees, bushes and hedges back a minimum of 18″ to allow access. 
  2. Make a plan for your pets. We will need to leaves gates open to move materials and tools around the job site throughout the day.
  3. Pickup all pet waste the day before our crew arrives and keep the area free from pet waste throughout the project. 
  1. Ensure all windows and doors are sealed tightly prior to house washing 
  2. Move flags, chimes and other decorative items away from the work area 
  3. If we are installing new hardware, please have all materials onsite the day we start 
  4. If you are going to mulch your flower beds, plan to do so after painting is complete 
  5. If other contractors are scheduled to be working around your start date, please let our team know so we can coordinate scheduling. 
  1. Relax. We will take great care of your home. 

Our commitment to you: We will treat your home with respect at all times. We will work as efficiently as possible to minimize disruption to your household