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A new paint job can increase the value of your property and brighten up your exterior design, making your lawn look greener and your driveway look cleaner. 

Whether you want to impress your neighbors with curb appeal, sell your home at a higher price, or draw in foot traffic outside your business, contact Peach Paint Co. for exterior painters.

Exterior Painters Woodstock GA

Painting the Exterior of Your Home or Business

Only after these preparations can our exterior painters move on to painting the exterior of your home or business. Rather than begin with paint brushes and cans, our specialized color consultants determine the optimal color scheme. With some homes dating back to the mid-1800s in Woodstock, Johns Creek, Roswell, and Milton, GA, we advise preserving the historic hues.  

Our exterior painters also recommend colors according to the following:

  • The design or structure of your home that only some colors can complement
  • The preexisting color scheme if you’re simply refreshing your paint job 
  • The undertone of natural building materials, like brick, wood, and stone, which affect color laydown
  • Surrounding landscaping already setting a color scheme in place
  • Your personal preferences

Once we know how you want your wood siding stained and trim and outer walls painted, we’ll cover every square foot with two coats of grade-A paints from our top partnering brands. We’ll then top it off with the sheen of your choice, whether matte, semi-glossy, or glossy.

Once done, we clean up drop cloths and all other products, leaving a spotless exterior. We provide a satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t approve of our paint job, our exterior painters will work until they meet your expectations.

Preparing for Exterior Painting

Your home’s exterior provides visitors with a first impression, so don’t let it sport dry paint drops, cracked colors, and uneven product application. It takes more than a steady hand and the right paint brand to provide that flawless finish, especially in Woodstock, Georgia and nearby areas like Roswell, Milton, and Johns Creek, where searing summer rays dry paint prematurely.

With our eye for detail, we closely examine your business or home’s exterior, noting dirt and grime that need removing alongside dents and cracks that require filling. After power washing and caulking for a smoother surface, you don’t have to worry about your outer walls appearing worn. 

We’ll also use a quality primer for vibrant paint colors and uniform hues across the surfaces.

Exterior Painters In Woodstock, GA

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Our proud and passionate team has improved landscapes in commercial and residential areas for over 15 years. Between our professionalism leading to high-quality craftsmanship and strong communication for 100% customer satisfaction, we’re your go-to for fully licensed and insured work. 

To take advantage of our three-year workmanship warranty; call Peach Paint Co. at 678-504-6644

Exterior Painters Woodstock GA