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Here’s How to Refresh Your Dining Room

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There are times when you take a look at certain rooms, especially ones that you haven’t changed in a long time, and just think to yourself that you want to change things. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 31,600 openings a year for painters, construction workers, and maintenance personnel. If you’re looking for house painting contractors to help you refresh your dining room, you’re in luck. If you want to do something to give it a new look without a complete overhaul, here are some ways that you can do that.

Enjoy Your Dining Room Table as It Is

You might think that you should cover up your dining room table to protect it. Instead, you’re keeping yourself from admiring the very reason that you bought it in the first place. That goes double if you have cats. They’re just going to mess up any tablecloth anyway, especially if they are young. Protect the table with placemats when you’re eating.

Shrink and Expand the Table

You can get tables that have leaves on them. Add a couple of them to make it a long table worthy of a Thanksgiving feast. You can then remove them to shrink the table if you want to have a smaller, more intimate meal. Each time you do it, it will make it seem like you’re in a new dining room with a new table. It’s a small and subtle change, but it’s a great way to refresh the area without having to buy a new table.

Reframe Art or Photos

This one can be a great way to refresh the look of your dining room. Do you have a lot of artwork or photos hanging on the walls there? You can get them reframed, which will give the impression of you adding new things. It’s a way to draw people’s eyes to those frames and it will make it like something new. You can do this every so often. Best of all, you probably won’t need house painting contractors for this one, since you won’t be ripping anything off of the walls – just hanging up the same artwork or photos with new frames. Even if you need to add new hooks, the frame will cover it up.

Paint the Dining Room a New Color

This is the absolute best way to refresh your dining room. There are times when it’s nice to opt for different colors, perhaps new trim. Alternatively, you could want to add a new layer of the color that’s already there. This can help cover up all the marks that were made before when the kids were younger. Now that they are older, you will have a greater chance of the newly painted wall staying clean.

Choosing colors that are timeless and elegant is a great way to upgrade the feel of your home in no time. Consider gorgeous blues or green hues to adorn your walls. A regal-feeling dining room is a wonderful place to make memories with loved ones for years to come. Painters will be able to get the job done swiftly and accurately. When the house painting contractors are finished, you will love how it looks. Plus, this is a great long-term change that will leave the entire family feeling happy with the new look!

Change the Size of the Chairs

That set of matching chairs that you loved when you first got your dining room table looks a bit boring now, doesn’t it? Everything looks so even and uniform. You can change that by getting a couple of much larger chairs that you could have put in the host sections. That will give it a completely different look. Plus, who doesn’t like sitting in a big chair when you’re hosting people?

Put New Covers on Your Dining Room Chairs

There could be several different reasons for wanting to do this. The first one is that the fabric is extremely dated. The colors and patterns evoke a long time past. Bring your chairs to the modern age by getting the new fabric. The second is that the fabric could be torn due to age or pets. Yes, you got a scratching post for your cats, but they love the chair, don’t they? They could also have left a lot of hair on the chair, which could make the new fabric a necessity. The new fabric can also make the chair look like it just came from the store, too.

Get Rid of Any Heavy Drapery

The drapery can lend a moodier look to your dining room. It keeps the light out, which makes it seem drearier. This isn’t what you want, especially on a sunny day. Would you prefer to eat in a dimly-lit place or one where the light streams in? If you do want to have a romantic meal, you could wait until a bit later so that you can use candles. Ditch the heavy drapery and add blinds or shades that you can raise or lower depending on your mood.

Add Some Mirrors

No, this isn’t to appeal to your vanity. The mirrors can reflect candlelight, which is great when you want to have a romantic meal at night. You can have them placed strategically around your dining room to get the maximum effect. It can make a difference to the whole mood of the room.

Change Your Dining Room Table Centerpiece

You can set up a rotation of things to put on the table each night. Candles, bowls, and even a soup tureen. Of course, you have to consider pets when it comes to possible flammable things. Always blow out the candles when you’re finished with them so that your cats won’t knock them over and possibly cause a fire. It’s better to be safe than sorry in that regard. Changing the centerpiece adds a unique element each time you do it. It only takes a few seconds to do each time, which is time well spent.

There are a near-infinite variety of things that you can do to change the look of your dining room. The sky is the limit and the only thing holding you back is your imagination. Not sure of what you want? You can look online at a lot of sites and apps, like Pinterest. There are always a lot of great ideas out there. Talk with family members and friends who have done the same thing. Always keep your eyes and ears open. There’s no telling when inspiration will strike. You need to be ready.

All of your upgrades are up to you. You want to be comfortable in your home and not bored. Doing this can keep things interesting. You might eventually branch out into other rooms, too, but this is an excellent place to start.

Do you want to refresh your dining room? Do you need house painting contractors to help you upgrade your space? Our highly qualified house painting contractors at Peach Paint Co. are here to assist you. Contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you and learn more about how we can help you make your dining room feel good as new.