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Interior Painting Client Checklist 

In order to execute your project as efficiently as possible and to minimize disruption to your household, please read through the list below and have these items completed prior to our crews arrival. 

10 small things we ask of you. 

  1. Move all fragile or important items away from work areas 
  2. Unplug and remove electronics from work areas 
  3. Remove items from table tops and shelves
  4. Remove all liquids from work areas 
  1. Empty furniture drawers if the items add significant weight 
  2. If closets or pantries are to be painted, remove all items from floor, shelves, and rods 
  3. Remove lightweight, easily accessible wall hangings 
  4. If painting bathrooms or kitchens, remove all items from countertops 
  5. Remove window draperies you intend to reinstall after painting 
  6. If pictures are to be reinstalled in the same place, leave the nail/screw in place. If you would like our team to patch a nail or screw hole, please remove the nail/screw. (We will gladly assist with nails/screws that are difficult to remove) 

Our commitment to you: We will treat your home with respect at all times. We will work as efficiently as possible to minimize disruption to your household.