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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Woodstock, GA

While cooking isn’t for everyone, many who do it view it as a therapeutic activity that helps them relax after a hard day’s work. However, if your meal calendar for upcoming days sits beside food splatters from dinners gone, it takes a toll on your ambiance and cooking mood. Revitalize the warmth in the heart of your home with Peach Paint Co.’s cabinet painters in Woodstock, Georgia. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Woodstock GA

Quality Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Woodstock, Georgia

Before we paint your kitchen cabinets, our cabinet painters in Woodstock, Georgia lay a tack cloth under the doors to protect other kitchen surfaces. We’ll also consult with you on appropriate stain levels and paint colors to complement your kitchen design if you’re looking for a new flow or aesthetics.

Although sheen paints are ideal since they offer more durability and easier cleaning, we provide all paint finishes from glossy to matte to suit your liking. If you’re going the more rustic route, we’ll refinish your cabinets within anywhere between a few days to one week, depending on cabinet quantity and the level of work required for each.

For complete satisfaction, our cabinet painting in Woodstock, Georgia includes two coats of paint and a sprayed-on clear top coat. We mask surrounding items and use a quality sprayer for a brush-marked factory finish. Finally, we reinstall your cabinets and clean up your kitchen.

During the painting process, our 15-year-old team includes steps the other guys may not, including: 

  • Providing qualified color consultants to aid with unique designs
  • Helping you install new hinges or hardware when putting the cabinets back together
  • Staining or painting the mounted cabinet frames before reapplying the doors
  • No deposits and a zero-dollar cost if you don’t approve the paint job

Cabinet Prepping in Woodstock, Georgia and the Surrounding Areas

Cabinets are extensions of your kitchen walls, and you should treat them as such with the utmost care and protection. If you want a staining or paint job to give the cabinets a new lease on life without expensive door replacements, trust our high-level processes that vary depending on your cabinet types, materials, and design preferences. 

We carefully remove the doors from the hinges so we can lay the surfaces flat for easier maintenance. Our experienced cabinet painters in Woodstock, Georgia, who also service Roswell, Milton, and Johns Creek, remove the tainted paint and sand the surfaces by hand or with appropriate power tools to eradicate dents and other imperfections. Afterward, we prime for even oil paint distribution and durable colors.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting In Woodstock, GA

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Kitchen cabinet painting in Woodstock, GA is not as simple as slapping on top-notch oil-based paints with brushes or rollers. It’s about preparing the surfaces for years of color vibrancy and optimal use.

Our concierge-style services, strong communication with our clients, and 15 years of professionalism make our team one of the top cabinet painters in Woodstock, Georgia and surrounding areas, including Roswell, Johns Creek, and Milton. Take advantage of our three-year workmanship warranty by calling Peach Paint Co. at 678-504-6644 for a free estimate today!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Woodstock GA