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Your Guide to Exterior Home Painting

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Exterior painters can take your home from dull to dazzling, but the process can’t happen without a little preparation before your crew arrives. Even if you’ve already chosen the paint color you want, you’ll need to take a few more steps before getting the exterior of your home painted. Let’s discuss a few things you need to know about exterior home painting so you can get the most out of your home’s brand-new paint.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

Information from Nationwide suggests houses should get a paint job every five to 10 years, but these numbers may vary based on inclement weather and the quality of the paint used. The material on which you paint can also influence how often you’ll need to welcome exterior painters back to your home.

Always opt for high-quality paint and primer because you’ll pay less in the long run with a longer-lasting exterior. An exterior paint job is a big project, and investing in quality paint is a worthwhile investment.

Imagine that you own your home for 20 years before you decide to downsize in retirement. If you select inexpensive paint without a primer, you might get five good years out of your paint job. You might paint your home three or four times in that circumstance. However, if you select a high-quality paint and primer, you may only have to paint your home once or twice before you sell.

How Do You Choose the Perfect New Exterior Paint Color?

You might have an idea already about the color of paint you want on the exterior of your home, but it’s important to take a few things into consideration before making a final selection. First, make sure that your HOA, should your home fall under one, will approve the color. Some HOAs have extremely strict rules on paint colors.

Second, be sure to ask for advice from your exterior painters. For example, if you want to paint your home blue, your painting company can offer recommendations on different shades of this color. Using a slightly darker or lighter shade of a color can create a rather impressive difference in the way a home looks from the street.

The good news is that almost any exterior paint color you choose for your home will likely improve its curb appeal. You’ll love the way your home looks clean, crisp, and new with a fresh coat of paint.

Don’t forget to select colors for your trims, too. Areas like your windows, columns, and exterior doors can also receive an upgraded coat of paint in a complementary color to the main house. Most houses benefit from no more than three different colors on the exterior for the body, accents, and trim, so keep that in mind while choosing shades.

Does Old Paint Need to Be Removed Before Adding New Paint?

One of the biggest influences on the process of painting the exterior of a home is how many times it’s been painted before and how many layers of paint are on its surface. If the home is only a decade old and is only just now facing its first paint job, the painting crew may not need to take the time to remove the first layer of paint.

As long as the present layer of paint is in relatively good condition without excessive damage, cracks, or peeling, the painters may apply a new layer without extensive paint removal to start. However, if the house has more than a few layers of paint, you’ll probably need to get the bottom layers removed before a new layer is applied.

A telltale sign that it’s time to remove paint before applying a new coat is when pressure washing starts to take off some of the paint. It’s important to remain cautious when pressure washing walls as they aren’t invulnerable to damage, but a good coat of paint should survive pressure washing without completely falling apart.

Perform These Tasks Before Exterior Painters Arrive

Painting the exterior of your home is often the final step in beautifying or updating the appearance of your property. Even if you plan to have your home painted the same color it is already, there are a few tasks you will want to complete before the painters are scheduled to perform their work.

You can probably handle some of these tasks yourself, but your home painting service or a handyman may also be able to assist you. For any jobs that require a ladder or getting up off the ground by more than a few feet, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional to assist with these preparatory tasks.

1. Make Repairs

Make sure all surfaces that will receive paint are fully restored, repaired, and in good working order. You don’t want to paint over a crack in the siding or a break in the adobe. Repairs made after painting won’t always look natural, so it’s always best to paint as perfect a surface as possible.

2. Clean the Exterior

Remove the dust, dirt, and grime from the surfaces with a pressure washer. You may want to hire a professional to pressure wash your exterior because the process can prove damaging to your home if you’re not experienced with the machinery.

3. Prep the Yard

Move any lawn ornaments, boxes, or other items away from the sides of the home to allow your painters good access to their painting surface. If you’re not adept at carrying heavy objects, a handyman can help. Your painters may cover bushes and anything close to the house, but you can make their job faster by removing impediments like yard boxes and such away from the walls.

Ensuring Your New Exterior Paint Lasts as Long as Possible

Painting the exterior of any home is a major project, and ensuring the work looks beautiful for as long as possible is an essential part of homeownership. Partnering with exterior painters who use quality paint can help you get the most out of your exterior paint job, but there are additional steps you should take after they’ve completed their work.

For example, keeping your home washed and clean will help keep the paint looking fresh and will prevent deterioration of the surface. A layer of dirt caked on your home won’t necessarily keep your home protected. Instead, the dirt buildup can actually contribute to the deterioration of the paint itself due to wind and bad weather.

Another step you’ll want to take in keeping your home’s exterior looking great for years is making sure that none of your vegetation leans on the house or starts growing too close to the foundation. You should always keep some space between the exterior plants around your home and the walls.

If there is vegetation touching the house before your painters arrive, you’ll want to cut it back before work begins and keep it trimmed after the painters complete their work. If you see any moss buildup on the house, that’s another material that you should remove from the exterior because it may start to degrade the paint, causing it to chip, peel, or crack.

Are you ready to schedule an exterior painting project? If so, you’ll need to work with the best professionals in the business to ensure quality results. If you’re looking for dependable local exterior painters, contact Peach Paint Co today!